1) Set up begins 1.5 hours prior to market start. 

2) Please do not begin taking down until official market time is over. 
             * If you anticipate that you may sell-out, please be prepared with a 'sold out' sign to place on your table.

3) Vendors must provide their own tent, tables and tent weights (mandatory).

4) Our market is unserviced, meaning no water and no power. Vendors must operate self-sufficiently.

5) All products sold at our Farmer's Market must be grown by, produced by, or handcrafted by the vendor who is selling the products. ALL products must be approved through your application process prior to being sold at the farmers' market.

6) Re-selling of products is not permitted at our Market. 

7) Food vendors selling hot food, or any kind of prepared foods, must include a copy of their Food Permit with their application, and must display this Food Permit at their booth clearly visible for everyone to see, at all times.

8) Vendors selling meat products must provide their approval letter from the Interior Health Authority with their applicaiton and have it on-site at every farmers' market attended.

9) If you are a vendor who prepares low-risk foods in your home kitchen, you must display a sign that reads "This food is prepared in a Non-Commercial Kitchen", clearly visible for everyone to see, at all times. We provide these signs for you.

10) All Food Vendors must abide by the regulations set out in the most current "Guideline for the Sale of Food at Temporary Markets", as provided by the British Columbia Association of Farmer's Markets. This means that all vendors selling EGGS must keep them in a cooler at a temperature of 4 degrees or cooler. We have a sign for you to place on your table that states "EGGS SOLD HERE".

11) Vendors selling soap, creams, make-up, cosmetics or other skincare products of any kind must provide their product approval from Health Canada with their application and have it on display at all times during the farmers' market.

12) No illegal products of any kind are permitted for sale at our Farmer's Market.

13) Our Farmer's Market operates with a zero tolerance policy for rude and disrespectful behavior. Everyone is to be treated with kindness and respect, including the market manager, market volunteers, fellow vendors and customers.

14) Our Market operates with a 'One-Warning Rule'. If any of the above policies are not followed, we will ask you one-time to fix the problem. If the problem persists, you will no longer be permitted to set up as a vendor during that calendar year. You will be welcome to re-apply the following year.