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Meet Our Farmers!


We are committed to ensuring our community has year round access to farm fresh, locally grown and produced food. We believe that local food is the future and it is our pleasure to create a vibrant, healthy farmers' market that facilitates relationships between our community and the food available in our region. WE LOVE OUR FARMERS and want you to, too!

Read on and get to know a bit more about these smiling faces!


John Abenante and Jeanine Powell of Earthy Organics Farm bought their farm in Fruitvale in 2002, and began selling at farmer's markets in 2008. To John and Jeanine, farming is more than just growing food, it’s a passion, a lifestyle and it’s about contributing to our local sustainability. On top of growing an abundance of fresh, healthy food both for themselves and for their community, they are actively involved in both the Kootenay and Boundary Food Producer's Co-op, and John is also a founding member of the RMMS!

Earthy Organics is certified organic through the Kootenay Organic Growers Society (KOGS) and bring a wide variety of farm fresh vegetables, eggs, plants and growing supplies to market. 

John and Jeanine are always happy to welcome visitors to the farm - and they can also be found every Thursday afternoon at Rossland Mountain Market!


Phone: 250.367.9955
Email:  earthyorganics@telus.net
Website: www.earthyorganics.ca
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Kootenay Natural Meats is a smaller than commercial enterprise run by Dale and Wendy McNamar. Home to their Angus based herd as well as lamb, chickens, turkeys, pigs and rabbits, Goat River Farm is a relatively small farm in the beautiful Creston Valley. Dale and Wendy’s philosophy is to ensure that personal care is given to each and every animal, from birth to the final meat product. The McNamar’s are very proud to grow the majority of what they feed their animals right there on their farm and they take great pride in providing a well-raised, healthy, high quality product for local consumption. Their animals receive no added hormones or antibiotics, and they spend the majority of the year grazing in lush pastures.  As part of their farming activities, Dale and Wendy also produce a variety of hay and keep bees. They also sell honey, wax, soap and are always thinking of new products and looking for new ways to expand.

Kootenay Natural Meats can be found at the Farmer's Markets in Creston, Nelson and Rossland, which is their favorite way to connect with their customers!


Phone: 250.428.4034
Email: info@kootenaynaturalmeats.com
Website: www.kootenaynaturalmeats.com!
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Happy Hills Farm is the newest farm to join us at the farmers' market, and is based right here in Rossland! This new 6.5 acre farm is located in Happy Valley and is owned and operated by Dan Hayden and Miche Warwick (yes, our founder of the Rossland Mountain Market Society!). Happy Hills Farm is committed to providing nutrient-dense, spray free, healthy vegetables, fruit, herbs, microgreens, heritage chicken and eggs year round. 


Dan and Miche believe that local food production should be at the heart of any sustainability conversation, and they are committed to volunteering with food security initiatives in Rossland and the surrounding area.  

Happy Hills Farm also operates a seasonal Saturday farm stand that will open in July 2018, and starting next year will be provide an on-site space for food + farm education in Rossland.  


Phone: 250.231.1828
Email: grow@happyhillsfarm.ca 
Website: www.happyhillsfarm.ca 
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Blueberry Patch Farms has been attending our farmers' market here in Rossland for a number of years! A family owned and operated berry farm since 1999, Michael and Bibi bring an abundance of farm fresh strawberries, raspberries, blueberrys, fresh cut flowers and assorted veggies to market each week. Their farming practices are all-natural and completely spray free. 

The best way to connect with these lovely farmers is to visit them at the market. You can find them at market regularly in Rossland, as well as Creston, Nelson, Kimberley and Cranbrook. 


Phone: 250.428.4647
Website: www.blueberrypatch.ca
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Ron and Angie of Kettle Kountry Farm have been farming and providing good food for their community since 1970! Today, more and more people are searching for natural, healthy farm grown food, and we want our customers to feel reassured that they are getting the best products from our farm.

We strive to offer a good variety of delicious products. When you visit us at the farmers' market you can find lamb, pork, beef, chicken, turkey, eggs and raw honey! 

We set up at a variety of farmers' markets regularly and look forward to meeting you when you come to visit!


Phone: 250.446.2944
Email: kettlekountryfarm@yahoo.ca
Website: www.kettlekountryfarm.ca 
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